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check-in app

Say goodbye to long lines and check-in hassles. ticketdude utilizes QR code technology for easy and efficient check-in. Simply scan the QR code on a ticket and check-in is complete!

real-time event notifications

Elevate your event experience with our mobile app's Real-time Event Notifications. Keep your participants instantly informed about schedule updates, important announcements, and exclusive opportunities. Enjoy a seamless and interactive event journey, sending personalized alerts that keep your participants engaged and connected throughout the entire experience.


custom membership validator

This feature allows event organizers to validate the membership status of attendees. This can be useful for events that are only open to members of a specific organization or group. The validator can be configured to check against a database of members or to use other validation methods.

custom registration forms

This feature allows event organizers to create custom registration forms for their events. These forms can include fields for collecting information from attendees, such as name, email, and ticket type. Attendees can then complete these forms online to register for the event.


certificate management

This feature allows event organizers to create custom templates for certificates of attendance or completion. Attendees can receive these certificates after completing the event or meeting certain requirements. The certificates can be generated automatically based on the information collected during registration and can be downloaded or printed for the attendees.

paperless experiences

This feature allows attendees to check in to an event using their mobile devices. Attendees can simply open the event's mobile app, show their mobile ticket to a staff member and get scanned in, eliminating the need for paper tickets or printed registration forms.

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